California Beach Rentals: Your Cures for the Common Cold

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From State College, Pa., to Rochester, Minn., the cold has reared her frosty head. Winter has come early, and folks aren’t happy about it.

Well America, it looks like it’s going to be a long, blustery season, so it’s time to think about that warm weather vacation ahead. Counter seasonal affective disorder with thoughts of the other powdery stuff: the sandy, er, rocky beaches of California.

Now is as good a time as any to reserve your California vacation rental.

For you lucky Bostonites, flights on Virgin America are going for as little as $100 each way to Los Angeles if you purchase your ticket by Oct. 27. And why wouldn’t you want to? That white stuff during last week’s Patriots-Titans game wasn’t your TV on its way out–it was a blanket of snow, and the Pats’ earliest snow game on record, according to a report.

Sure, it’s cool and pretty initially, but come January, when all the holiday lights are down and the roads are left a hard, slippery, grey, slushy mess, a weekend in California will be calling your name. Do it. Your UGG boots will need a rest.

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