California Vacation Rentals, The Glamour Behind the Gate

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The mercury rose to record levels in Los Angeles on Tuesday, boiling to 113 degrees.

If you were lucky, you were cooling off in a frigid building somewhere or better yet–poolside by your McManse.

If it was our choice, we would be unwinding in California vacation rentals in any one of the glittery gated communities in L.A. Because if we’re going to sweat, we’d want it to be within the confines of our own Tuscan villa.

Today’s post takes us to the Hollywood Hills, where waterfall pools are standard and often come with a pool man and gardener to show visitors exactly what West Coast luxury means. With four bedrooms, the property may not live up to Candy Spelling caliber, but who cares? How many hotel rooms have you booked that had multiple indoor balconies, a gourmet kitchen and a view of the L.A. skyline?

For tourists, the location is a tourist’s blessing, close to Universal Studios, Griffith Park and Observatory,Greek Theater, Staple Center, Dodger Stadium, L.A. Zoo, Chinese Theater, U.S.C., West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica Beach and Pier. With all those attractions nearby, you’re bound to run into some serious A-listers.

And when you do, you’ll finally have the answer to the burning question: Do celebrities sweat or glisten? The public has a right to know.

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