California Vacation Rentals: Yacht Edition

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It’s been awhile since a boat beauty has cruised into the blog, but when it does, it’s like that perfect crest of surf approaching the shore. It makes me giddy.

This San Diego vacation rental, one of several California vacation homes on our site, happens to be a yacht. What perfect way to end the summer than on a boat?

The Ohani Pacific docks at the picturesque Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina, where bachelors and bachelorettes can descend with their entourages on a Brut-fuel night of dancing and taking snapshots by
starboard. (Check out picture seven in the listing gallery for laughs. Now that’s the group I’d like to be doing Blueberry Bombs with.)

For chiller nights, owners will arrange a San Diego Bay cruise from  two hours to a half day tour of up to six hours. If that two-carat cushion cut Tacori is up your sleeve, then maybe this is the place to propose. Cue music. Cue sunset.

And here’s one more surprise: Yacht guests will have access to hotel amenities like the pool, fitness center, hot tub and tennis courts. When it’s time to retire for the night, though, you’ll hit the curved beds in one of two state rooms. How cool is that? Pretty darn cool.

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