Can’t Afford Hawaii? A Vacation Home to Prove you Wrong

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It’s no secret–yes, I’m not scared to say it–that we’re in a recession. People are losing their jobs and homes. Gas and food costs are going up. Banks are going bust.

It’s enough sour news to make you want to run away … to Hawaii.

Now why would anyone want to go there, you ask, given all the badness and uncertainty? For starters, the state is begging for visitors, according to the Star Bulletin, Honolulu’s local paper. It’s even willing to pony up $4.5 million in travel packages via the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau to get you there.

What that means for you: More airfare deals (and in some cases, routes) on carriers like Alaska Airlines. If you’re in Atlanta, you can jet to Honolulu on Delta, which added the service earlier this month.

Forget the hotel packages, though. The bang for your buck is in this Kona vacation apartment, which sounds small when you say the word apartment, but is actually ample enough for up to five guests for just $99 a night from Oct. 21 to Dec. 15. I’m not saying max out your savings or credit cards to go, but if you’re on the West Coast, with easy access to the Islands (Read: affordable fares) and have room in your budget, just do it.

Hawaii vacation homes don’t come as cheaply as this. Trust me–I’ve looked.

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