Cape Cod House Rental With Water Views

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Having grown up by the Atlantic Ocean, I can’t see myself living away from the water. I’d miss the picnics by the beach, the sun on my face and – not to get all gooey on you – but seeing my children rush to the tide, only to turn right back around, make a beeline for me, with nothing but giggles and coos.

I’m thinking that this Cape Cod house rental would be a great place for my (and your) family to score that sorely missed East Coast beach vacation.

Located in Onset, Mass., on Buzzard’s Bay, the three-bedroom, three-bathroom vacation house with room for eight guests embodies my ultimate Cape Cod fantasy: a traditional dollhouse by the beach with all the modern amenities of a new home. The open kitchen looks fit for big groups, with a dining room and breakfast bar for spooning up that delicious New England Clam Chowder. The master bedroom has its own balcony that looks out onto the water. It’s BYOB, too. (Bring your own boat, thanks to an outdoor dock/boat slip.)

Not that I would EVER encourage this, but there’s a trundle bed in the master bedroom for little ones who wake up in the middle of the night wanting to be next to their parents. (I know, I know, co-sharing sleeping quarters doesn’t foster a couple’s intimacy, but we’re talking about a room here, not a bed.)

In terms of location, the beach is walkable. No need to schlep all your stuff in the car or find parking. If you forget the sunscreen, you can just run back to the house.

When all that sunbathing gets a bit old, stroll into Onset to pick up some arts and crafts, browse for antiques or grab a bite. Make sure to get a photo in your top-siders and e-mail it to me.

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