Cape Cod Rentals on the Beach: Clambakes With the Clan

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BP spill or not, Florida vacation rentals will always be a destination for summer travelers, but don’t discount Cape Cod vacation rentals for your next escape.

With its rich nautical history, private beaches and picturesque towns that throw back to a different era, the New England coastline makes an irresistible choice for adventurers of all ages. Towns like Sandwich, Dennis, Hyannisport and Barnstable all boast a love for what really matters: nature and community.

As a fellow Facebooker put it, Cape Cod beaches could be “America’s last great democracy.”

For what else has the power to unite and lift our spirits but sand, surf and fellowship?

The West Dennis vacation rental pictured attends to those basics and more.

Run by owners–not a property management company–this collection of eight three-bedroom cottages allows larger families to have their own living area with the added convenience of communal space outside on the deck. Each property leads down through the dunes to Nantucket Sound Beach, an oasis of soft sand and warm water. The duplexes can be rented as one or both sides for up to $2,000 a week through the end of the summer.

As far as family activities go, Cape Cod lends itself to laid-back adventures like building sundaes at The Sundae School Ice Cream Parlor or visiting the local seafood markets for fresh oysters and those famous Dennis clams. Need a day trip? Take the fam on Cape Cod Scenic Tours‘ official sightseeing excursions, which operate rain or shine.

“Sometimes we are storm chasers watching the wild Atlantic kicking up during a Noreaster or surfers on Cape Cod Bay while Nantucket Sounds white caps seem endless,” according to the business’ website.

For your sake, let’s pray for sun.

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