Cape Cod Vacation Rentals for Labor Day Weekend

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It’s painful to utter the words “Labor Day Weekend,” but friends, it’s upon us.

In fact, some poor youth might have already hopped on the school buses this week, which means summer ended, as always, a little too early.

On the upside of things, Labor Day weekend is an extra day off regardless of your scenario. And for those of us who seek one last hurrah before the wool sweaters come out of hibernation, a beach house escape a la Cape Cod vacation rentals can wipe out our summer yearnings. Or at least–give us something to remember them by.

We scanned for Labor Day deals and found the quaint cottage above, which is available for $2,900 a week from Aug. 28 to Sept. 7. We figured you could use some privacy after an endless calendar of barbecues, weddings and theme park excursions. The West Dennis vacation rental, which sits on Nantucket Sound, is large enough to host 10 people with its four bedrooms, but if a quiet week away is in order, then stick to your immediate family.

Fewer bodies means more peace to watch those boats cruise by from the nearby West Dennis Yacht Club, and one less ice cream to buy in the parlors of Hyannis. Because wrangling nine preschoolers–and their orders–is not your idea of fun.

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