Caribbean House Rentals: Gateways to Heaven

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“If there is a heaven on earth, I think I was there today,” wrote a friend on her Facebook status of her stay in St. John, Virgin Islands.

Such cooing has been a daily, sometimes twice-a-day, habit of the girl since she moved to the VI two weeks ago. If I wasn’t writing about paradises all the time, I would probably want to smash her mobile phone’s camera into a thousand little pieces. But today’s update was kinda nice–none of the “Gina is island bound in 10 days” business. It actually had soul. It sounds like her surroundings truly moved her.

Lucky girl.

A Caribbean house rental still ranks No. 1 on my list of vacation destinations. The ease of access (no passport necessary), affordable airfares (I found a trip for $492 roundtrip for next week on Delta.), U.S.  dollar currency and airy, cliffside homes would suit my getaway needs down to a tee.

Homes like the one pictured are commonplace in the VI, decked out with sprawling verandas, open fire pits, wet bars and outdoor/indoor living rooms to enjoy the sea breezes. You, the surf and the sunset. What could be better than that?

I’ll tell you what: Actually being there.

Tell my friend Gina I said hello.

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