Casa Match-Up: New Orleans Vacation Homes Vs. Minnesota Rentals

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Regarding the matter of this Sunday’s NFC showdown between the New Orleans Saints and the Minnesota Vikings, I don’t hold any allegiances.  (If you must know, I’m rooting for the J-E-T-S, but don’t hold that against me. I always cheer for underdogs.)

But if you’re talking vacation homes, that’s an obvious call: New Orleans vacation homes for the touchdown.

For its historical charm, naughty mystique and spicy culinary rep, the Big Easy beats Minnesota. On our site, vacation rentals cater to romantic getaways and large group gatherings  in a setting that takes visitors along oak-lined avenues and into glorious mansions with wide verandas and lovely courtyards. It’s a destination that doesn’t feel fabricated, just like the barbecue shrimp at Pascal’s Manale restaurant (which happens to be just one block from the vacation rental above) or the St. Charles streetcar.

Speaking of said Louisiana vacation home, the price point appears to be on the higher end ($1,300 a night), but when you consider that 22 people can stay there, it works out to around $59 a night. Those nine bedrooms are ready for your Northern relatives and a big ol’ Southern party.

After all that New Orleans has been through in recent years, it could certainly use a win. Pump your dollars back into the city.

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