Cheap Flights Lead to 3 Off-the-Radar Vacation Spots for Fall

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On-the-hour airfare hunting usually yields some kind of payoff for me, but lately I’ve lost faith in my own wizardy. Out of all my friends, I’m the girl who can usually land that fare to San Francisco for under $250. In recent months, notsomuch.

Thanks to decent airfares, The Wall Street Journal points to three places visitors might consider for fall if they’re up for some desert air, Mickey Mouse and Mexico.

Have you thought about a Palm Springs rental, Orlando vacation home or Cancun vacation villa?

An overall decline in travel is good news for tourists to all three destinations, which, according to the Journal, will see flights plummet to some of the lowest fares in years. Property owners, hotels should bode some stiff competition in the pricing war, as they attempt to lure folks in the off season with discounts as deep as 40 percent.

Property listers, the time is now to compel visitors to act spontaneously. Price it right – fingers crossed – and they will come.

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  1. ghermine says:

    If you’re not into Disney or toursity vacations, how about a nature vacation or history buff break at nearby cities like St. Augustine, FL–just 90 mins from Orlando.

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