Chicago Vacation Rentals for Festival Season

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It doesn’t surprise me one bit that this week the terms “Chicago vacation rentals” came up high in search results. The city pumped its collective fist since the mercury broke 80 degrees, which wasn’t that long ago. We have a lot of partying to catch up on.

Earlier this month, I saw folks in outerwear. (Trench coats and the like, but it was too chilly to bust out the sundresses.)

But the weather heated up just in time for Grant Park–home to that other ginormous celebration in August, Lollapalooza–to host the Taste of Chicago (June 26-July 5), an annual buffet of the city’s best eats, from giant turkey legs to Eli’s Cheesecake.

Tourists will be struck by how clean Chi-Town is, how friendly its people are and how good it feels here in the summertime. Chicago in June is like that first beer you crack open at a ballgame or the first time you fire up that grill. You can’t be help but smile. After surviving subzero temps, we “earn” the chance to lay out at Oak Street Beach, drink alfresco at numerous neighborhood festivals, have mimosas on the patio of the Kerryman and ride our bikes down to Promontory Point. We suggest you out-of-towners do, too, and quick.

Who knows how long these balmy days will last?

So hurry up and find your vacation home already.

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