Clam Bakes and Vows at a Jersey Shore Vacation Home

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Summer is far from over, but I find myself thinking about what beach vacation homes would be prime real estate for snowbirds come winter, or where you no-fuss brides might host a quickie wedding against a beautiful backdrop of sand and sunset.

Check out the monthly rate on this Jersey Shore vacation home starting Nov. 6, 2008 to May 14, 2009 (save for the week of Nov. 25 to Dec. 2): $3,000. When you consider the peak summer rate is $55,000 a month, that’s a friggin’ steal.

The pictures sell it. Clambakes on the grill, two wicker chairs on the deck, views of the surf from the bedrooms, living and dining rooms. Shoot, even if it’s cold (and what could be colder than Chicago in the winter anyway?), I could see myself curled up with a blanket on the patio while reading a book or–how old-school is this–penning a handwritten letter.

The trilevel, 3,050-square-foot vacation rental is fitted with an impressive seven fireplaces, six bedrooms, including two oceanfront master bedrooms, another master suite and five bathrooms. A dining room table seats 12, meaning that no one will have to eat a meal in front of the TV.

For a couple considering a low-key, all-in-one spot for ceremony, reception and lodging, why wouldn’t you book this Jersey Shore home? And the words “Point Pleasant” would look quite nice on an invitation, no? There’s a certain whimsy to it.

Someone get engaged already so you can invite me to this house.

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