Clothing Optional at Palm Springs Resort

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I know what you’re thinking.

What’s up with the towels, and why were these women laughing?

Was this their maiden trip to a nudist resort and the chuckling a coping mechanism? Did the girls decide to get loose with a few cocktails first before fully disrobing?

I guess that’s for them to know and for you to find out.

This adults-only Palm Springs resort paints itself as an upscale retreat for celebrities, VIPs, couples and girlfriends wanting to frolick in the nude in a safe environment. The pictures show folks wading in a mineral pool, sharing passionate kisses in the sun and getting massages.

I’m not one who is easily impressed by honors, so the fact that this retreat was called one of the top five places to be naked doesn’t really resonate with me. What does that mean exactly? What were the factors in the decision?

That said, however, the user reviews mean more. I like this comment from Dayton, Ohio, residents Mark and Laurie, who visited the resort last August: “I, too, worried about bringing my wife to a nude resort and what it might be about. I am happy to report to this site we found a very high end excellent spa.”

Personally, I’d rather hear from a first-timer to a clothing optional resort before making a decision to go there. The fact that this couple felt comfortable is a relief.

In your head, don’t you envision slimy old guys hanging out in packs, waiting for fresh meat? Not here. The retreat sticks to a policy of no single men allowed on the property. Wow. That sorta surprises me.

As far as the rooms go, expect king-sized beds fitted with Egyptian cotton linen. There’s no restaurant or gym on the site, but if you’re into the nudist lifestyle, you’re probably not going for the cooking or the cardio anyway. At least not that kind of cardio.

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