Colorado, A Hiker’s Paradise

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ColoradoHiking on trails is one of the best ways to experience a state’s natural beauty. I love the beaches and hot sun in Florida, but Colorado offers something I don’t get to see every day. When I visit a new place, I always plan to spend at least one day enjoying the scenery. You cannot visit Colorado without the yearning to get outside and see the mountains covered in trees. This place is gorgeous, and the best way to see all that beauty is diving right in it. Here are the best hikes for anyone who enjoys the outdoors.

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Waterfall Hikes

Boulder Falls

If you are looking for a short and easy hike that offers great rewards, then this hike is one of the best waterfall hikes you can quickly explore. Located just outside Boulder, Colorado, you walk a quick 100 yards to this breathtaking scene. If the hike is not quite long enough, follow the trails surrounding it and explore the trees, rocks, and water.

Bridal Veil Falls Hike

If there is a waterfall nearby where I am staying, then I am going to be there. Hikes are all about exploring, but having a waterfall at the end motivates me throughout the climb, and this waterfall is worth the 6.6 mile hike to get there.

Alberta Falls Hike

Located in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park, this beautiful 1.2 mile hike is only a 2 hour drive from Denver. You can get to the waterfall in less than a mile, or you can add some length by taking the longer trail. The location is prime for spending an entire day with family and friends exploring the rest of the National Park.

Lake Hikes

Bear Lake Hike

Right in the center of Rocky Mountain National Park is this gorgeous lake that you can walk around and explore. The hike is a little over a half-mile, but there are several trails around the lake you can enjoy with the constant view of the lake.

Echo Lake Trail

Mt. Evans is one of the prettiest places to hike and drive. This easy hike is short enough to bring young kids and eat lunch while enjoying the view. After finishing the walk, drive up to the top of Mt. Evans and take in the stunning view.

Silver Dollar Lake Trail

This moderate hike is 4.8 miles round-trip and is a steady incline upwards. My favorite thing about this trail is the small lake it has along the way. This smaller lake called Naylor Lake is a small taste of the beautiful lake you get to enjoy when you reach the top.

Moderate Hikes

Continental Divide Trail at Berthoud Pass

Located in the little town of Empire, this trail has several length options depending on your skill level. You can do two miles, four miles, and even a 16 mile hike making it one of the best Colorado hikes for all ages. Between the peaks, rivers, and lakes, there is plenty to see along the way.

Chief Mountain Trail

This is one of the most popular hikes in Colorado and located off of Squaw Pass Road. Although the hike is only two miles, it takes you right along the edge of the mountain tops. The views are more than incredible, and truly describe Colorado.

Handicap Accessible

Mt. Evans Summit Hike

Anyone can enjoy nature, and this hike has a road that takes you almost to the summit. The trail is short and can easily be taken by wheelchair, stroller, or on foot. The mountains work as a backdrop to a beautiful lake and should be seen by everyone. There really is no excuse to not get outside and enjoy the fine views of Colorado.


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