Colorado Vacation Rentals: Best B&Bs for Fall Vacations

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Dear Summer,

What we had was amazing.

We barbecued everyday, and could count on our left hand the number of times that we weren’t at the ballpark, golf course, beach or pool. You kept the days and nights hot–even as far as Seattle–and for that, we can be nothing but grateful.

But it’s time to share the Earth with your successor now, and move on to where you’re always welcome, say, Florida and California. Some of us actually enjoy spending fall in Colorado vacation rentals, and would be extremely upset if we had to miss out on all those brilliant hues in Mother Nature. More than that, though, we just dropped a mint on a fall trench coat and a new SLR camera to fully enjoy and capture the season in transition.

So you’ve got to go. Now.

Besides, the B&B above, also close to a corn maze and pumpkin patch, is offering a three-for-the-price-of-two special in September and October (for $95 a night), a deal that wouldn’t be as tempting if the mercury still hovers around 80 degrees. The same b&b is slashing equine accommodations by 50 percent. Yep, we can bring our horses, too, but we won’t, if you won’t cooperate.

Be a good sport, put your top down and drive toward the harvest moon. We’ll see you next year.

Fall’s fan club

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