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Some times vacations can be so full of activities and sight seeing that we forget to take care of ourselves. After all, isn’t that what vacation is all about? Plenty of people take spa vacations to rest by the pool and get a massage. A healthy tan does look good, but if relaxing by the pool is all you’re doing, you aren’t taking full advantage of how great you can look and feel after your vacation. Need some ideas to up the ante?

A med-spa vacation might be just what you need. From simple services like waxing and body polishing to surgical reconstructions, getting rejuvenated on vacation is becoming more popular. Med-spas are prepared for and catering to vacationers and tourists who want to return home looking better than ever. Top US cities and gorgeous exotic destinations offer a full range of services and post-service care to make your vacation a true indulgence.

Start in “Sin City” to see how angelic you will look. This city knows a thing to two about  tourists and beautiful women. After your day at the med-spa, return to a penthouse apartment on the Strip to rest and rejuvenate. You’ll be able to enjoy the exquisite views of the city from the privacy of your own apartment. Since you’ll be perfectly located next to the Bellagio, venturing out will be a breeze.

Head to the left coast for a movie star quality make over. Hollywood is known for the best in beauty docs and med spas. Even if you just get a brow wax and a root touch up, the professionals who beautify the stars can give you a the make over of your dreams. If you’re in for an enhancement procedure, bring a friend to rest and recoup with you by the pool in this Hollywood Hills home. With an outdoor living area like this, you’ll be ready to show off your new look in no time.

Popularly called “medical tourism,” heading south of the boarder for procedures is a real growing travel trend. Many plastic surgery facilities boast internationally trained and world renowned surgeons. If you’re wanting a dramatic change, stay some place dramatically beautiful. The Merida region of the Yucatan is becoming well known for plastic surgery tourism. Homes like this tropical paradise also make this region a great place to relax and enjoy natural beauty. With great vacation comforts like a staff house keeper, pool, and the air conditioning (a luxury in the tropics), you’ll be right at home after your make over.

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