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The Internet easily replaces the TV as our daily crack. Whether it’s Britney’s latest snafu or a new fall coat, the Web affords us 24-hour access to exactly what we want. Click, click and voila: Your dream vacation home.

In the Google-ization of our world, where content is deep and demand for your time and ultimately – your dollars – are at stake, it’s nice to be noticed.

Today, scored a tiny mention on ABC News’ Web site as the top of four sites to shop around for vacation homes by ABC News’ Web site. (Thank you, by the way, for putting us in the lead spot.)

We’d like to think our rich database, ease-of-use and direct accessibility to property owners distinguishes us from the competition. Whether it’s a Cape Cod vacation home or beach rental in California, we hope you have a good experience here. Mostly, we hope you plan that getaway soon. You need it. So do we.

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Valerie Moloney is your resident blogger and the Expansion Markets Editor for, who oddly enough, feels panicked when asked, "What's the best place to eat in Chicago?" or her favorite, "It's my birthday. Where should we go with a party of six?" No stranger to travel--and traveling with kids--she is a young mom who ODs on the Internet when it comes to planning family trips or buying clothes. Here's hoping she finds you the vacation you deserve.

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