Condo Casual in Hawaii Vacation Rentals

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You’ve always been a one suitcase adventurer.

You don’t care to be bogged down by stuff, extra baggage fees or waiting that extra 30 minutes at the airport conveyor belt when you could be kayaking by mysterious black lava shores.

Needless to say, when searching for Hawaii vacation rentals, your preference is a condo, as you’ll be spending most of your time outdoors anyway.

Much to travelers’ surprise, the Aloha State offers multiple condos for affordable summer vacations. From beachfront condos to high-rise living, the spaces are clean, decorated in signature island style and enveloped by flora and fauna.

If your priority is an off-the-radar spot, Kauai might be your best bet. Not as congested as Oahu, the Garden Isle, the first place visited by Captain James Cook in 1778,  blitzes the senses thanks to its sparkling waterfalls, 50 miles of coastline, lush valleys and jagged mountains. It’s Eden in its purest form.

For low-key lodging, consider spending time in the Lihue vacation rental pictured, described by the owner as so “close to the ocean that you can hear the relaxing surf while you sleep or watch a splendid sunrise from the comfort of your own private lanai.” The two-bedroom property rents for an amazing $1,495 a week, a nice price given all its amenities, including access to a private pool, sauna and beach necessities like towels and beach chairs.

Honestly though, you would be happy without all those extras. Those stunning vistas are more than enough.

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