Cool Vancouver Vacation Homes for the 2010 Winter Games

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In the run up to the Olympic cauldron being lit for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, British Columbia, organizers have suffered few glitches–unless you count a lack of snow. According to The Canadian Press, workers at the facilities at Cypress Mountain for freestyle skiing and snowboarding are hauling snow from a nearby peak to reinforce the course.

But let the event planners worry about the snow.  Olympics tourists will no doubt have plenty of distractions on their own minds during the Games, from luge to the fan favorite–ice skating–and of course finding their way to and from the venues from their Canada vacation homes.

While most visitors have likely secured their lodging, it’s not too late for the owners of Vancouver vacation rentals to parade their properties on And procrastinators, it’s not too late to score that fabulous downtown condo with views of the Burrard Inlet or the North Shore Mountains.

With all those international travelers competing for hotel rooms, it makes sense to go the vacation rental route, especially if you want to save a few Canadian bucks by dining at home. While it’s nice to be waited on, that first credit card statement following a trip is always a sobering experience. Since when was still water $4 a pop?

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