Couples’ Time in Oregon Coast Vacation Rentals

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Before the kids came along, it was so much easier to foster your friendships.

There was Sunday soccer night with the boys, Tuesday happy hours with the workmates and endless opportunities to run away to Vegas to spend those quarterly bonuses on suites and Grey Goose.

Now there’s a ring on that hand that used to sport a golf glove, and more deliberation about vacations.

When you go away now, your wife needs to sign off on it.

As a well-traveled as you are (er, were), though, you need a change in your routine. Company perhaps. Neighbors. Your BFFs. Another couple in your shoes.

Know of anyone?

If so, consider Oregon vacation rentals, especially the one pictured, for the next escape. The three-bedroom Rockaway Beach vacation home can host up to eight, but from September to March, groups of four or less can rent it for $120 a night. The “Hermit Crab” house is large enough for two couples to unwind (there’s a loft, picnic table in the back and a quiet beach just a stroll away), but small enough not to add sterility and formality to the environment.

In your ideal scenario, you and the BFFs are also taking advantage of the nearby whalewatching excursions and exquisite seafooders, or hopping aboard train tours to explore local beach communities. At the end of the day, you’re all gathered in the backyard around the fire pit, enjoying that weekend of peace away from carpools and soccer practice.

Better get Grandma and Grandpa on board with this. Someone’s going to have to babysit.

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