Crazy Idea No. 1: Road Trip to Nebraska Vacation Rental

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If you’ve been a loyal follower of Check-In, Check-Out (Thank you, thank you very much), you’d remember the challenge posed to you from the beginning of 2009: Disappear into nowhere.

That was resolution No. 7, along with “Be a kid again,” Learn how to sit still” and “Be more romantic,” among many others.

How are you doing on those promises?

While it may be too late or too busy to squeeze in a getaway before the end of the year, here’s an idea for when the turf thaws: Kearney, Nebraska. Ever heard of it? Me neither.

The Nebraska vacation rental pictured covers the three C’s: convenience, comfort and country setting. It’s that anonymous escape that your TomTom may have difficultly zeroing in on a map, which is part of its appeal.

The loft-style cabin, a one-bedroom that rents for $95 a night when weather cooperates*, sits at pond’s edge, where you’ll catch and release large-mouth bass, catfish and carp. If you’ve forgotten your pole, don’t worry: The owners have left two, along with other essentials like bug spray, suntan lotion and shampoo and conditioner. (Rough it in a tent, not in a cabin with a working shower.)

While you’re out exploring the trail near the Platte River, keep on the lookout for deer and turkey, which may cross your path, or songbirds.

That last one should take care of being a kid again and learning how to sit still. As for being romantic, there’s no real secret to how that’s accomplished. Just call, book and surprise.

(*Note to readers: The owners close the unit from November to February because they don’t have the equipment to remove snow. Contact them for available dates.)

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