Creative Uses for Holiday Left Overs

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Don’t let all the Thanksgiving food weigh you down. Here are some great vacation ideas inspired by your Turkey Day left overs.

Left over rolls

Whether it’s corn bread muffins or honey topped yeast rolls, there are certainly plenty of birds to feed. Head to this waterfront vacation home and toss the stale bits to the sea gulls. This home is perfect for families. The back deck is ideal for feeding the birds while young children are safely in your sight. The private beach makes for a great back drop and the St. Augustine area is known for great shopping. Consider bringing your winter holiday party here. It’s a great home base for getting your holiday gifts, host your party, and enjoy the beach all in one. With 4 bath rooms and space to sleep 11 guests, invite the whole family.

Left over turkey

Instead of dry sandwiches, turn your turkey into a Waldorf inspired salad. Use fresh herbs like tarragon and sage with chopped turkey, red grapes, and pecans. If grandma is still around, ask for her old fashioned homemade mayo recipe to bind it all together. Looking for the best picnic spot ever? Take your turkey wraps to the foothills of the Catalina Mountains. Stay at this ranch in Tuscon while you explore the perfect fall weather in the desert. Saguaro cacti and desert wildlife abound. It’s a great alternative to spending the cooler months buried in snow.



Left over veggies and mash

Vegetable samosas are a wonderful re-use of left over peas, corn, carrots, and mashed potatoes. Just mix equal parts together with a bit of curry powder to make the filling. Pre-fab egg roll wrappers make great samosa shells. Fry in corn oil to crisp. If that’s too much work, just head to India for the real thing. This guest house in Cochin is ideal for families or couples who are interested in getting away from the city and really enjoying Indian culture. The area is perfect for walking to everything, including a spice market. If you didn’t get enough flavor indulgence for Thanksgiving, this is the vacation for you.

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