Cruising Down to California Vacation Rentals

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While on vacation, most of us would say that as long as three basic needs are met–surf, sand and a scenic view–we’re happy as can be.

Everything else, like a convertible ride down the Pacific Coast Highway, is extra, but certainly shouldn’t be missed if you’re considering California vacation rentals for your next trip.

Laid-back and pristine, Orange County represents all we envision for the perfect family vacation. A 40-mile swath of coastal towns in between San Diego and Los Angeles, the area is a feast for the eyes with its majestic bluffs, yacht-dotted waters and amusement parks to delight kids and kids at heart. Whether it’s watching the surfers shred at Newport or Huntington beaches, spinning in the tea cups at Disneyland or taking advantage of the 15 museums at Balboa Park, visitors won’t be shortchanged on chances to people watch all while soaking in the California sunshine.

If an extended stay is on your agenda, check out the Newport Beach vacation rental in the photo. The two-bedroom, two-bathroom escape at the Marriott Coast Villas has a full kitchen and access to five outdoor pools, barbecue areas and fitness center.

And the immaculate property has two neighbors that always look good on camera: Laguna Beach and the Pacific Ocean.

What is your favorite spot in the O.C.? Tell us on Twitter @checkincheckout.

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