‘Cue-ing up for Texas Vacation Rentals

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Just as you would be remiss in not trying a bowl of clam chowder in Boston, a plate of sloppy, hunky barbecue is an obligatory meal during your trip to a Texas vacation rental.

I have it on good local authority that some of the best is at Salt Lick BBQ in Austin, thanks to indoor smokers that tenderize brisket to moist, fall-off-the-bone lusciousness. It’s the kind of TLC that you’re better off leaving to someone else while you stay out of the kitchen.

If you prefer to make your own ‘cue, there’s a gas grill at this Austin vacation home, whose solo photo on the listing makes it all that more intriguing. “The feel is very much a place that Frida and Diego would feel right at home!” and  “a one of a kind place that does its best to ‘Keep Austin Weird'” are vague hints, but there’s nothing to really else to depict what’s in store inside this funky shack.

And yet, something’s telling me that meat grilled or smoked here would taste better than anything at Chili’s.

What do you think? Good enough for a visit?

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