Derby Day Road Trip to Kentucky Vacation Rentals

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There’s probably a science to choosing the Kentucky Derby winner, but sizing up the thoroughbreds is more fun when you’re going purely on three things: guts, Mint Juleps and the sound of the horse’s name.

Don’t deny it.

It’s a formula that’s as old as the marquee sports event itself.

Choosing a Kentucky vacation rental shouldn’t be as challenging. While the field of competitors revving their hooves at Churchill Downs is wide, our property listings in the area number three, so if you haven’t pinned down lodging for your last-minute road trip, you’d better do that now.

If you’re traveling with a group, the modern three-bedroom townhouse in downtown affords the space and friendly price for an extended stay. A previous renter remarked on its accessibility to fast-food, fine dining and a Kroger grocery store–just in case you run out of fresh mint for to mash in with that Kentucky bourbon.

Whether you’re partying in the kitchen or on the infield, don’t forget to take of picture of yourself in your floppy, wide-brimmed hat. You’ll want to look as ladylike as possible when you’re cheering on Homeboykris.

Nope, we’re not making the name up. It has a certain high-brow, low-brow appeal, doesn’t it?

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