Destin Condos for Long Weekends in 2010

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Not sure about your circle, but in my own pocket of the world, I’m noticing that people are slowly but surely taking their vacations again.

The economic fallout had many of us shelving those travel plans just to safeguard our jobs, but now we’re realizing that we need the break–badly–and there’s no sense in worrying about things that are beyond our control.

In my own community, I’m seeing friends take shorter trips–some even during or right after the holidays. I predict that the trend will continue in 2010. If you’re plotting already, you know that Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Jan. 18) is right around the corner, and President’s Day (Feb. 15) is just a month behind. Might you have a long weekend getaway up your sleeve?

Whether it’s a Destin condo or Myrtle Beach condo rental, an abbreviated vacation calls for the smaller space of a condo on the beach. Catering to single families and girlfriends’ weekends, the single- and two-bedroom properties are ideal for those who don’t plan to venture far or have to bring extra supplies, thanks to onsite amenites like restaurants, pools, water parks  and local entertainment. The prices are more often more affordable than full-fledged vacation homes, too, like the above Destin vacation rental for $605 a week through Feb. 28, 2010.

So if a condo wasn’t on your radar in 2009, think about it next year–or better yet–just do it.

A day here and there won’t deplete your vacation bank.

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