Destined for Destin Beach House Rentals

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If Malibu Barbie ever wanted an East Coast retreat, she could easily live in this Florida Panhandle home.

The property dubbed Margaritaville stands out among the many Destin vacation rentals available on our site, from its palatial living rooms to its sweeping views of the Gulf from the second and third floors, plus a freshwater lake. For full privacy, guests can sun themselves from a fourth-floor observation deck.

The owners sacrificed no expense in the leisure areas either. A gleaming granite breakfast bar wraps around a spacious chef’s kitchen fitted with a stainless steel double oven. Stone baths in both master suites provide cocoons of warmth after a long day of water skiing. A wet bar splits up the party, should the adults need some real estate for imbibing and poker games. Six bedrooms dressed with heavy wood furniture, palm-inspired foliage and earthy tones of mustard, red and brown create a comforting, modern ambiance for all 22 of your family members–yes, that’s how many people can fit in this house.

Heck, the home is so large that if they wanted to, your daughters could bring their own Malibu Barbie beach houses on vacation, and still have room to spare.

But given the balmy weather, it’s probably better to push them outside to build sandcastles while they can. They won’t get those endless summers in St. Louis after all.

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