Embracing the Grandiose: A Disney McMansion for Rent

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In these uncertain times, it may be out of your realm to even consider purchasing a 10,000-square foot Kissimmee vacation home. First, does a buyer really need all that space? Second, what would it take to qualify for a loan?

But the fact is, such luxury still exists, and by the numbers. For day-to-day living, it’s probably not the best idea. For vacation, it’s just good economic sense–especially when split between a large group.

The estate above, situated on prime lakefront property in the exclusive community of Formosa Gardens, is like a five-star hotel at a more reasonable price. “If you work this out it only costs 44 usd each per night!,” according to the listing. (Based on the assumption of 16 guests staying at the property)

The over-the-top amenities–a 55-foot Roman-style pool, a custom movie theater with reclining seats, porcelain floors, chandeliers and wine cellar–lend to a space that would star on MTV “Cribs” or “Beverly Hills 90210.” And what’s more: The maid service is complimentary.

Property owners, don’t be afraid to flaunt the majesty of your vacation home. Use size as a selling point. Consumers always feel better when they feel like they’re getting more for their money.

In a house this elegant, renters may forget why they came to the Orlando area in the first place. Mickey Mouse, who’s he?

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