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If July has your broiled, boiled, or down right crispy, escape the heat to a cooler summer vacation destination. Here are the Top 4 international cool-off destinations for this summer scorcher.

Stockholm, Sweeden

Swedish summer temps are usually a few degrees above or below an ambient 70 F/ 21 C. You’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors and everything the historic city has to offer. With buildings dating back 700 years or more, this is definitely a place where you want to be out and about sight seeing. This waterfront apartment home is perfect for enjoying everything the city has to offer and experiencing Swedish culture. The furnishings typify the Swedish tradition of chic, high-tech, ultra sleek efficiency. If you have an eye for style, this apartment is a Euro-design lover’s dream.


Reykjavik, Iceland

This capital city boasts being the northern most capital in the world. It’s no surprise then that summer temps rarely reach 70 F, so you are guaranteed to cool off on this island nation. This 4 bedroom family vacation home is perfect for keeping cool or heating things up. A geothermal area nearby is accessible with the help of a tour guide. That’s right, a hot spring is literary in the back yard.


St. Petersburg, Russia

This former national capital is yet another cool as a cucumber international vacation destination. You’ll be able to enjoy the salty cooling Baltic Sea breezes while you immerse yourself in Russian culture and history. This 4 bedroom vacation apartment home in the heart of the city is a great home base for your visit. You’ll enjoy views of the Peter and Paul Fortress steeple, St. Vladimir’s Cathedral cupolas, and the Petrovsky Stadium. This apartment is equipped with plenty of European style amenities and even has a home office for you to use with free Wi-Fi.


Grachen, Switzerland

If you love hiking, but want to do it under more ambient conditions, this is the Swiss city for you. Situated on the Monte Rose hiking trail, this city is a great base camp for outdoors people and mountaineering enthusiasts alike. No need to pack a tent, this chalet is perfect for relaxing and enjoying this quaint farming town. You’ll have space for 4, a full kitchen, and a housekeeper. Go ahead and bring your four legged trail companion because this place is dog friendly.


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