Experience Culture: Dia de los Muertos

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Being in foreign places for festivals and holidays is a great cultural and educational experience. This week will mark the celebration of one of Mexico’s most colorful, reverent, and famous holiday seasons. The Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos is the holiday for commemorating ancestors. All over Mexico, families will be placing sugar skulls and marigolds in homage to those who came before. It’s a great week to be in Mexico to see these phenomenal displays of heritage and reverence.

Historic Oaxaca is a great place to experience authentic Mexico. The city is home to many indigenous groups and is known for complex folk art. This is a great city to enjoy Dia de los Muertos. The mountain back drop and quaint colonial influence come together for some of the best scenery a Mexican vacation has to offer. Enjoy the views of the festival from the vantage point of your on private roof deck in this vacation apartment. You’ll be able to look down on all the glory of the celebration from a bird’s eye view. Now add the stunning Monte Alban and you have a very special vacation apartment.

If a beach vacation is your favorite way to immerse yourself in culture, hit the coast for double the fun. Plenty of vacation homes in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle provide a great time at the beach while still letting you enjoy the local culture. This villa on the water has a great view of the bay and space for the whole family. The quaint fishing village meets the mountains at a mango grove. You’ll be wedged between marine and terrestrial paradises. The home is so cozy, you might not want to venture beyond the pool and balcony for a day or two. The home comes complete with a housekeeper and high speed internet.

Visit the local markets for holiday sugar cakes and sweet egg breads shaped like skulls. This is a delicious week to visit Mexico.

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