Fall Into Florida Vacation Rentals

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Six winters in Chicago has definitely thickened my skin, but that doesn’t mean the sudden deep in temperatures doesn’t feel cruel and uncomfortable every time. Three weeks ago, I was wearing a denim mini-skirt. This week, I’m busting out the winter coat–and gloves.

A friend of mine, a victim of the recession who moved up from Florida, plans to head back home next weekend. No work in three months. Part of me felt sorry for her, the other thought, You lucky girl. Back to purple pink skies and 90-degrees and sunshine every day. How could that be so bad?

Collectively my city is moaning (and bracing itself) for what’s to come. A few of us, dreading that first attempt to shovel our cars from the snow, have pre-booked vacations to warmer climates starting in January to Virgin Islands vacation homes and Florida vacation rentals. The deals are out there, from last-minute deals to Tampa Bay to contemporary condos in South Beach.

Because regardless of where we live: We all know that sunkissed skin is like being on the receiving end of a warm hug from a long lost friend.

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