Fewer Listings = More Exposure at VacationHomeRentals.com

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Like all smart businesses, we keep our eyes on the competition.

Today, HomeAway announced the completion of $250 million in private financing, leveraging its footing in the world of vacation home rentals. But that’s good news for us, too.

The business model is here to stay especially as more Americans turn to renting their homes as a way to ride out the recession. Don’t lose your equity: Rent.

Before you go signing up at the competition, keep in mind that VacationHomeRentals.com gets more traffic per listing than any other site: 12.7 visits per listing, according to October data from Compete.com. Our listing fee offers more value, too–just $99 for the year against $299 a year at HomeAway. Most important: VacationHomeRentals.com boasts 11,200 properties, while the big guys have 118,000 listings.

The fewer properties for would-be renters to browse, the more exposure for your own.

Whether you’re seeking to rent a Florida vacation home or a Martha’s Vineyard vacation rental, it’s a wise move to list with us.  Bigger doesn’t ALWAYS mean better!

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  1. I agree. When you are small you can turn on a dime & change everything. Less corporate red tape…

    It’s better for owners when there is less competition but better for renters tho with more listings…

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