Fight Cold and Flu Season with a Trip the Natural Mineral Springs

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Many believe that the keys to youth and health are found in nature. Natural spring water has long been touted for healing and restorative properties. The US has varied landscapes, making the types of natural springs equally as varied. Many springs are home to professional spas and services while others have retained the rustic soaking systems that restored people generations ago. If the cold and flu season has you feeling run down, get in the water and recharge.

Warm Mineral Springs in North Port, Florida is the state’s only spring of its kind. The spring is very large, with nearly an acre and a half of surface area. One attractive feature of the spring is it’s extremely low dissolved oxygen content. On a surface layer contains oxygenated water, making this pool a natural system of preservation. Things that fall in do not oxidize.

If you want more water even after you’ve returned from your day at the spring, this villa is a perfect nesting ground. The private heated pool and outdoor living area will rejuvenate you. Soak up some vitamin D on the lanai. This home has space for 6 humans inside and plenty of wildlife outside. Visitors have seen bobcats, turtles, and alligators in the forested areas that surround the neighborhood.

Desert air is said to be great for asthmatics because of low allergens. Pair that with natural hot springs and you’ve got a climate for great health. Desert Hot Springs, California is your destination for dry air and healing waters. The entire town is known for the pristine water that surfaces at a number of spas.

Hot-cold hydro therapy is a technique used by yogis and health gurus the world over. Crystal Hot Springs in Honeyville, Utah is one of the few springs in the world that has both and hot and cold pool. The pools are within 50 feet of one another to boot! Once you’re back to health, you’ll want to hit the slopes. Check out this lodge with private hot tub. You can get chilly on the slopes and reheat in the spa, continuing the temp-therapy long into your vacation.

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