Fix Those Pre-Wedding Jitters in Vegas!

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Whether you go because of a bachelorette bash, a best-man’s whim, or a co-ed wedding party extravaganza, Las Vegas is the place to party-hardy before you get hitched. Vegas has much more to offer than hotels and casinos. A penthouse apartment on The Strip is just what you and your pre-wedding-party are looking for. Check out this deluxe vacation rental with a stunning night time view and room for 14 guests.

If you’re having a small wedding, you’ll have more than enough space here to bring your whole wedding party. This is especially great if you have other couples in your party who will enjoy a co-ed party. If a more traditional girls-only or boys-only celebration is in order, feel free to invite more than just your bride’s maids or groom’s men. This is your last hurrah so make the most of it.

Vegas has plenty opportunities for pumping your adrenals and getting that endorphin rush you need to get out before the big day. Since you’ll be living penthouse style, you can relax and feel pampered in privacy. Hit it big at the casino or enjoy the many live performances the city has to offer. Whatever you and your friends get into, you’ll have a perfect rendezvous point to regroup and recupe.  Other five-star amenities include a sauna,  a pool, and on-site grocery access. You’ll be right next to the Bellagio, where you’ll have a perfect view of the water show. The prime location on Las Vegas Boulevard puts you in the center of the action.

The slogan “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” is an easy maxim to adhere to when you have the comforts of home to literally wash away the wild party. Convenient and thoughtfully included laundry facilities make your stay that much smarter. Eat a real meal in the well stocked kitchen. Or the other well stocked kitchen, because this penthouse has two!

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