Florida Vacation Home Rentals With Water, Water Everywhere

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To all you owners of Florida vacation rentals and otherwise: Take a lesson from the property above.

The photo of the St. Augustine vacation rental is exactly the kind of image that will drive users to your listing. Not only is it beautifully shot, but it creates visual interest with the intercoastal waterway on one side and the Atlantic on the other–which is just unusual enough for consumers to click through for more information, and quite possibly, a follow-up email or call for the rental.

Kudos to the owner for leading with that picture and uploading more images that precisely describe the layout and location and depict the space, which we can glean is tastefully decorated and open for big groups.

The exterior shots are especially lovely, showing miles of pearly coastline, a dock and neighboring homes spread apart enough that guests won’t feel like they’ve just entered Boardwalk City, U.S.A. Further down in the listing, users will find this interesting tidbit: “Best of all, there are NO VEHICLES allowed on your beach and no nearby high-rise condos to spoil the magnificent views. That means you can enjoy Matanzas Inlet in its natural wonder, without man-made intrusions.”

With the competition for tourists’ dollars, it’s imperative to pull out the diamonds from your listing. After surfing through several properties, users need to be reminded that no, yours do not look like all the rest, and that’s proven here.

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