Florida Vacation Homes on a Watery Wonderland

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Stories of Keys vacations are likely to begin with, “I got so drunk I …” (insert debaucherous details here) so it isn’t exactly the place you’d think to take your family on summer break.

But with the wealth of natural beauty in the Keys, you’d also be missing out on a stunning tropical adventure. And besides, who says bars have to be on your agenda?

Home to the incredible John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, Key Largo is a water baby’s paradise. Visitors go on guided snorkeling and scuba tours into shallow and deep waters laced with 600 kinds of tropical fish and historic shipwrecks. For families with tweens or teenagers, this could be a great bonding experience and set the foundation for a traditional snorkeling trip every year.

Parents with pre-school aged children don’t have to miss out on the aquatic fun. At Dolphin World, moms, dads and little ones (ages 3 to 7) can touch, feed and train the dolphins during 30-minute sessions.

For lodging, choose from 23 Key Largo vacation rentals on VacationHomeRentals.com at every price point. Some, like the house pictured, are nestled right at water’s edge with glorious views from expansive verandas, glass walls to invite the sun pour into every room and long docks to park your boat right up front.

Who says you need a bar crawl to have blast?

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