Florida Vacation Rentals: A Briton’s Paradise

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Not that we would wish bad weather on anyone, but stormy skies across the sea could be a boon to Florida’s economy.

The Ledger reported that bookings for Florida vacation rentals are up, particularly by British residents. Their summer wasn’t much of one, what with the frequent showers. Apparently some Britons are even spending the holidays in the Sunshine State, the newspaper said.

With a stronger currency and guaranteed sun regardless of their location in Florida, our neighbors across the Atlantic should be coming to the U.S. for vacation. It’s a no-brainer. The Lake Buena Vista vacation rental above provides another compelling argument: size and price.

That five-bedroom house–with a pool, natch–rents for just $549 a week. That’s roughly 336 pounds to you Britons. You’ll head home with heavier pockets and a tan. You can’t beat that.

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