Florida Vacation Rentals – Heaven by High-Rise

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Once upon a time, you lived on the 44th floor in a condo building so swanky that your friends dubbed you The Donald.

Donald Trump, thank you very much.

The space had it all: awesome views, obscenely sized flatscreens, a gourmet kitchen so sparkly that it was rarely used for actual cooking. All that was missing in your pad were the gold-encrusted columns. From that high-rise, you felt like a mogul everyday.

Five years later, you’re engaged and about to purchase your first home. But before that, the crew that stuck by you through college wants to throw you a quiet sendoff that involves spending hours on five-star courses. And that is perfectly fine with you.

Here’s where Florida vacation rentals–the high-rise kind in Hallandale Beach–come in.

The three-bedroom, three bathroom property featured treats guests with floor-to-ceiling views of the Atlantic, where luxury yachts sail on by. Equally posh amenities brighten your holiday, from private poolside cabanas to marble countertops to Italian porcelain floors in the bathrooms.

The apartment in the Ocean Marine Yacht Club is conveniently located near the Diplomat’s lush golf course, a beauty with four par-5 holes and a 570-yard hole that is one of the longest in South Florida. The golf carts are even equipped with the ParView global positioning system, but chances are, amidst the Mediterranean-style architecture and the exotic banyan trees, you won’t mind getting lost.

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