Florida Vacation Rentals With Panoramic Views

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These Florida vacation rentals look strikingly similar to Marina City in Chicago, or as the locals call it, the Corn Cob towers, for their distinctive shape.

There’s one huge difference, though: More people will want to be spending their off time in Daytona Beach, especially, in oh, two months.

And if you want crystal clear panoramic views of the Atlantic, the condos in Peck Plaza can’t get any closer to the water’s edge. There’s a wall of windows in every room.

So even on the days it rains, you’re guaranteed a show.

Closer to the ground, there’s a two-level sundeck with its own pool, lighted tennis court and basketball court. You’ll want to unleash all that energy for the calories you’re going to consume later at The Top of Daytona restaurant and bar on the 29th floor, which you’ll access via the owners’ private elevator.

Do we smell an anniversary dinner–or wink, wink–proposal brewing?

Perhaps. And if you time it right (think February), you can celebrate your union with a real adrenaline rush: watching the racers at the Daytona International Speedway.

Take the proposal meanwhile nice and slow. You won’t have Peck Plaza forever.

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