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……or Facebook, or Pinterest, or Linkedin.  No, this is not a plea for you to follow me; it’s a reminder that the vast majority of people who visit your listing use social networks and if you do too, you may be missing a great opportunity to increase the visibility of your listing and to reconnect with visitors at a later time.

Every time someone makes an inquiry about your property it tells you they liked what they saw, and liked it enough to make the connection and perhaps ask a question.  But if your answer doesn’t satisfy them enough to book, you’ve then lost that potential client – perhaps forever.  What if you could capture that interest so if you are able to meet their needs at another time, you can reach out to them again?

This is as simple as creating a signature that goes at the end of every response you send, that includes a link to your social networking accounts.  Don’t just implore people to ‘Follow Me…’ – give them a reason to do so.  Here’s some examples with my links so you can see how it would work:

•    Follow me on Twitter and get updates on availability and special offers
•    Like our Facebook Page and receive a free vacation rental packing list (or something else they can download)
•    Follow our Pinterest boards to see great places to visit in xxxx

People don’t need much persuasion to follow a social networking connection if there is something in it for them, so make it worth their while to do so.

Make sure you also put a link to your listing on, blog or web site in the signature block as well.  When potential guests are emailing dozens of different owners, they may need reminding how they found your listing in the first place,  so this makes it easy for them to check back on it.


Heather Bayer is Director of Owner Community at She has been renting her vacation homes for over 20 years and is author of the book ‘Renting Your Recreational Property for Profit’.

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