14 Fun Foodie Highlights Of Los Angeles

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Oh sunny California, I do miss you. Growing up near the beach was magical, and my family always stayed busy with the unlimited sources of entertainment. Los Angeles is the ideal vacation destination for those wanting to enjoy warm weather, tasty food, and big-wave beaches without the annoyance of humidity. One of the things I love about LA is the diversity of cultures that brings in an abundance of yummy cuisines. From comfortable cafes to food trucks, LA is one place you will never go hungry. Here are 14 fun foodie places you have to try while visiting the sunshine.

1. Nickel Diner
This diner basically is the best. I am not lying or exaggerating; it is the best. Trust me. You can eat here for breakfast, lunch, or dinner — possibly all three. The price is inexpensive, the portions are heaping, and everything has a yummy homemade flavor. Try the homemade jam or salsa; both are remarkable.

2. Fishing With Dynamite
The wait to get in can be long but is only proof of how good the seafood is. The most famous and praised item is the raw scallops, but getting an entire platter will allow you to taste more of the seafood goodness.

3. Eatalian Café
Located in an industrial area, the appearance of this place might look a little sketchy. It’s a safe area, but more importantly, this huge warehouse restaurant serves the best pizza and pasta around. It is definitely one of the best LA restaurants.

4. Cousins Maine Lobster
Before I dive into how tasty the lobster is on this truck, I have to mention that this truck was on Shark Tank. That right there should get you ordering off of their menu. The food is yummy, affordable, and tender. If you want to be blown away, I would recommend the Connecticut Roll.

5. Apple Pan
This place has a big focus on burgers, and the many loyal customers will argue this is the best burger place around. Try the Hickory Burger and a slice of banana cream pie and you will join the Apple Pan fan club, too.

6. Flying Pig
This Asian restaurant serves tacos, and although it might sound strange mixing the two, it makes the tacos drip with flavor. The Pork Belly Bun is the item customers drool over.

7. The Grilled Cheese Truck
I love comfort foods that bring back memories of being a kid, and this is one of the best trucks roaming LA — it takes a simple food and dresses it up. The truck serves gourmet melts, tomato soup, and sandwiches, and you will be lining up for seconds.

8. Daikokuya
As one of the most famous restaurants in Los Angelos, Daikokuya has served thousands of customers delicious food and a memorable experience. With a focus on ramen, this Japanese restaurant serves bowls of ramen dripping in delectable sauces.

9. Pie ’N Burger
Nothing screams American food more than a perfect, classic, grilled hamburger — well, unless you eat it with a side of pie. The homemade pies can be bought full-size, which is good since you probably won’t be able to stop at one slice.

10. Border Grill Truck
Here is a food truck that takes tender meat and places it in a delicious taco. The citrus chicken taco has a fresh taste that is bursting with flavors.

11. Philippe
Located in Chinatown, this little restaurant makes the best French dip sandwich you will ever live to taste. If you aren’t a sandwich eater, fine; try the chili — it is equally tasty and will also be the best chili you will ever live to taste.

12. Kang Hodong Baekjeong
I love barbeque and Korean, so this busy little restaurant gets double yummy points. The wait can be long, but this Korean barbeque is screaming good!

13. Nozomi
I couldn’t create a list without adding sushi, and this place lives up to sushi-foodie dreams. From the miso soup to the uni don, you will be satisfied with the fresh but powerful flavors.

14. Little Sister
First, you are going to love the setting and atmosphere of this place; the walls, lighting, and music are quite romantic and tranquil. The Asian cuisine is, of course, delicious, as Chef Vuong knows exactly what to add to a dish.

With all of the wonderful restaurants to stop at while visiting LA, you might have to stay an extra few days to enjoy them all!

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