Fort Myers Beach Rentals Still on the Brain

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So I’m back from vacay four shades darker, my wallet a little emptier, my body a lot lighter from the 100 degree temps, but boy, I can’t wait to get back.

A week in Tampa Bay, Fort Myers Beach and Madeira Beach did the soul good. While I had the accommodation hookup with friends and relatives, next year we’re talking about renting a Fort Myers Beach vacation rental just to stay in one place. You know how it is. When people know you’re in town, the brewskies never stop flowing and the gas grill sizzles a lot of burgers. Couple that with a wedding, a kid’s birthday and Father’s Day and it was non-stop action.

I need a vacation from my vacation.

Among the highlights in Fort Myers Beach:

Pina coladas at my friend’s wedding reception.
Scallop scampi and grilled grouper sandwiches at the Yucatan.
Shopping for a tankini at San Carlos Boulevard.
Having the sense not to arrive early to join friends at SOB.

Four words: Double shots of Patron.

No thank you. I’m proud of my wimp status.

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