Best Ways To Have Fun In Seattle

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When people start planning their vacations, they automatically think of sunny locations and white sandy beaches. While I know how wonderful it is to relax in the sun, there is something about escaping this typical trend and experiencing a city that is completely unique. When I think of cities that stand out among the rest with diverse culture and a distinct atmosphere, I picture Seattle.

If you have never been here, it is worth traveling to experience the assortment of fun things to do. The views are breathtaking with the mixture of cityscape, dotted islands, ocean water, and mountains. It is a city you can visit on a budget, and I can’t help but share how awesome this place is without spending a fortune. Here are five ways you can have fun in Seattle.

Pike Place

You don’t have to spend a dime to explore this farmers market that runs every day of the year. The shops are unique, the food is diverse, entertainers are every few feet, and the fish go flying through the air. Seriously, stop by the fish stand and watch as the workers toss giant fish across the area. The first time I experienced the art of throwing fish, I couldn’t help but wince and make strange faces. I was positive they would drop one of these slippery things, but they didn’t drop a single one. While I didn’t buy anything that day in the market, I still got to enjoy the excitement of people yelling, loud laughter, lively crowds and ongoing entertainment. Don’t forget to hit up the shops across from the main area and visit the original Starbucks.

The Gum Wall

The first time I heard about the Seattle gum wall, I kind of lost my appetite. The thought of hundreds of thousands of strangers placing their germy gum on a wall sounded disgusting. This yucky place, with gum squished in every nook and cranny, was the first place I wanted to see. I guess my curiosity overpowered any germ phobia I might have. While it was gross, it was also beautiful. The mixtures of tiny bubbly colors intertwined together were beyond fascinating. I think I stood there for fifteen minutes just taking it all in. Then, without thinking, I spat my gum into my hand. I walked to the wall and squished my blue piece of gum right next to pink, red, green, and yellow pieces. It was fun, but I felt an inner proudness knowing there was a little piece of me forever in Seattle. This gum wall is just one of the many unique things to see in Seattle.


There is art everywhere in this city. I have traveled around the country many times, but I have never been to a city so drenched in modern art. Stroll from Pike Place to the Space Needle and you will understand what I am talking about. There are fountains, giant red stacked tubes, glass art, talking flowers, sidewalks, and even artists creating work right there on the street. You can even see a troll under the bridge on your drive in the city. Make sure you visit the giant splash park that is a concave dome that shoots out thousands of gallons of water.

The Space Needle

You can’t visit Seattle without a stop to the Space Needle. If you are on a budget, walk around it from below, but if you can make it to the top, wow, you will be amazed. The view is astounding during the day and even more beautiful at night. I have to recommend eating in the restaurant that goes in a slow circle. While the price is fairly expensive, the food is fine dining quality and you get free admission to the top.

The Views

Seattle is in the Puget Sound so you get the smell of ocean water with the view of islands and land surrounding the area. Take a stroll along the docks, ride the Ferris wheel, and go for a daily cruise beside the shore to truly see everything. While people give Seattle a hard time for gray skies, the weather really is the perfect mild temperature to enjoy the city without melting or freezing to death; even the rain is only a light sprinkle. If you want to avoid the clouds, any chance of rain, and get a clear view of the scenery, visit during July and August. Seattle is a blast, and if you haven’t been here yet, you better start planning your next vacation to this lively place.

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