Georgia Vacation Rentals for Beach Bums

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You’re proud of your home in the suburbs.

You work hard to keep up the yard, all three acres of it, which has grown from a few rose bushes to a full-on nursery with gazebo and koi pond. It’s equal parts labor of love and pain in the you-know what.

You need a break.

A week in a Tybee Island vacation rental–or any Georgia vacation rentals for that matter–would do you wonders.

Between you and your spouse (who knows what painstaking effort you take to create that perfect pH balance in your garden), you’d rather downsize during vacation. A little condo by the beach is just what your aching bones deserve.

If the featured property catches your eye, you’ll be happy to know that it’s 200 steps from the coastline and two blocks from the river. Fully loaded with a stainless steel kitchen, DVD player and cable TV, it also has a deck and rocking chairs–naturally–for relaxing Southern-style. Just 15 minutes from historic Savannah, Ga., the property is also close to dolphin watching excursions and deep sea fishing charters.

Previous renters have called it “a little trip to heaven” and a “serene haven.”

And just think, not a weed to pull up in sight.

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