Getting the Gang Together Gets Easier

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The only thing more fun than vacation is vacation with the whole crew. Cousins, college roommates, and cool co-workers make for great travel companions if you plan it right. Here are some ideas to make getting the gang together a lot easier than you think.

Stay Together

Renting out a whole floor of a hotel still leaves you without a kitchen and without a communal gathering space. Jumping room to room is not fun or practical. A vacation rental home is a better way to stay. This beach front home is equipped for 28 guests. Two full kitchens and outdoor dining for the whole group make this the place for big family meals. Everything you need for your vacation is onsite: pool, hot tub, housekeeper, beach, ocean view sunsets, and the list goes on. Six bathrooms, plenty of televisions, and a two-building complex make this spacious enough to travel with small children.

Get Help Planning

A little bit of technology goes a long way. Your friends and family all use social networking and email to organize any way. Head over to and get the ball rolling. You’ll be able to exchange planning info, manage trip expenses, and coordinate without constantly playing phone tag.

Plan Early

A spring break vacation seems months away, but when you’re herding a group, there is no such thing as too much time. Friends and family need to ask for time off work and school, change carpool schedules, and finish projects. One thing you won’t have to plan for is a pet sitter. Plenty of vacation homes welcome your family pets. This beach front home in North Carolina is has room for your pooch and 16 guests. Your dog will love this beach, and you’ll love taking him there. This beach area is comfortably uncrowded, so there won’t be a ton of tourists to contend with. Another perk is the double bunk children’s suite. The all night giggling can be confined to one room. Send your dog and all the cousins in to bed down together in this room for four.


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