Ghostly Vacation for Friday the 13th

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Like spooky stuff? Do your kids watch those ghost hunting shows on TV and ask for EMF detectors and thermal imaging cameras at every birthday? Perhaps you’ve got a nerdy spouse who is begging to get a real sample of ectoplasm. Take them somewhere creepy and let them hunt for ghosts on your next family vacation. Gettysburg, PA is a great place for Civil War period ghastly ghoulishness. With ghost tours and plenty of old buildings to scout, your paranormal enthusiasts will be plenty busy.

Since you want to stay in a comfortable place, check out a renovated historic vacation home rental. This pre-Civil War country home doesn’t claim a haunting, but does claim plenty of rich cultural roots.

There is over an acre of garden for your hunters to try out their equipment before heading to haunted zones in the city. Since you’ll be just minutes from Historic Gettysburg, the whole gang will be close enough to home that coming back for an afternoon nap is a breeze. Or lunch!

This adorable country kitchen is exactly the kind of comfort you’ll need between spooky spectating. The kitchen comes fully stocked so you can prepare fresh healthy meals for your family. Plenty of restaurants are nearby as well.

If you hit your quota for the mysterious, check out some of the nearby attractions that are integral to America’s history. The Gettysburg Battlefield National Park is right there. For ghost hunters and history buffs alike, this historic site has plenty to offer. Amish Dutch Country is a great learning opportunity for the family as well. Bring home some handcrafted goodies and get a glimpse of early American life.

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