Giving Thanks for Tennessee Vacation Rentals

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Don’t look so confused.

Whether you’re ready or not, the arrival of Thanksgiving sounds the official opening bell for the holiday season.

You’re prepared, but is your vacation home?

From Tennessee vacation rentals to Orlando vacation homes, it’s time to throw a little tinsel on your listing.

The owner of Destiny Den (pictured) chose wisely by adding the Christmas tree photo to her profile, but she takes it a step further by putting this subhead in all caps: CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEARS OPEN!!!

Without the notification, people would just assume the holidays weren’t available.

As a property owner, you drum up interest in your ski chalet or log cabin by showing them in their holiday finest–even if the photos are from past seasons. Stockings should dress up the fireplace, Douglas Firs should be trimmed and porches should be lined in twinkling lights. That extra TLC will serve as proof that your rental is a living, breathing property that can be rented year-round.

Here’s a tip: If you score holiday renters, ask them to take pictures of seasonal gatherings and displays at the house for possible use on the listing. For their time, reward them with a discount on future stays. If the photos are up to par, you can use them next year.

By engaging your renters with incentives, you’ll build loyal clients and holiday goodwill–’tis the season after all.

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