Going Solo

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It’s the ubiquitous pop psychology phrase, “remember to take care of yourself first,” that just seems impossible. It’s almost offensive that someone suggests you carve out time for yourself. How? Where? Obviously, this recommendation doesn’t take reality into account. Work life, family life, and over scheduling make a moment alone a mysterious quest. But what if you took a long weekend away sans family? Check out the surprising benefits of a solo vacation and these simple tips to make it happen.


Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Feeling unappreciated is an affliction that plagues all relationships at some point. Spending some time apart, especially if you’re letting your co-parent fly solo with the kids, will reinforce just how much you mean to each other. And chances are, those little things you nag about won’t matter so much after you return from your solo vacation.

How do you convince your spouse that you should leave the kiddos behind and jet set on your own adventure? Send them some place ridiculously fun. Like Disney World. Seriously. And it’ll be super simple to parent solo in this vacation home that’s just a mile and a half away from the Happiest Place on Earth. What’s the secret? Five bedrooms and five baths. No sharing. No fussing. Squabbling siblings be silenced! Don’t forget the private pool.


Reboot your fitness routine

It’s almost spring time and most of us have fallen off the fitness wagon. Those new year’s resolutions were filled with great intentions. This is your chance to get back in the swing of things. Take a fitness boot camp some place that will really inspire you to meet your fitness goals. Head to this studio in Maui for some amazing outdoor fitness adventuring. Rock climbing, surfing, swimming, sea kayaking, diving, hiking, and beach sports are just the beginning. Check out the cliff-faces just outside your window.

Catch up on sleep

No such thing as too much beauty rest! And without your partner in bed to toss, turn, snore, or wake you early, you can get plenty of it. Grab a vacation apartment with a king suite to make sure you get the rest you need.



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