Ground Hog Day: Don’t Get Trapped in the Same Old Vacation

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Has this happened to you? Spring break is approaching, so you look in your saved contacts for the phone number to the little beach front motel that you stay at every year. You set a reminder on your calendar to pack pillows since the little beach front motel has sort of hard ones. You lovingly gaze at the photo of your family decked out in snorkeling gear that sits on your desk as you are just about to make the reservation. That sure was a fun vacation, you think. Two years ago? Three? You take a closer look at your children and realize you have gone on this same old vacation so many times you can’t remember when this photo was actually taken.

This year, do something wild.

Visit an Active Volcano

El Salvador is home to many active volcanoes that gently “burp,” so you can safely visit them. Lake Coatepeque is one of the most comfortable volcanic hot-spots in all of Central America. Hiking tours up to the caldera make a memorable vacation where you can look down into the volcano. For a less strenuous but adrenaline packed view into the caldera, take a helicopter tour. The geothermal heated lake is perfect for a swim year round. Or, if you prefer privacy, retreat to this private home in San Salvador and take a dip in the pool.

Eat Weird Food

Everyone loves Italian food, and the Mediterranean seems like the perfect vacation for a family of foodies. Head to Sardinia for a famously bizarre cheese: Casu Marzu. It’s a sheep’s milk cheese that is allowed to age with the help of live larvae. Don’t worry; the locals will wipe off the bugs before you bite in. If you’re looking for a little more luxury after eating rotten cheese, check out this 5 bedroom villa near the beach. An outdoor kitchen area will spice up your culinary adventure. Street markets and beach front fishing are all just steps from your door.

Sleep on a Boat

What could wow the kids more than vacationing on a house boat? A house boat in Amsterdam. This lovely vacation home floats on a canal that joins the Amstel River. There is plenty of space for 4, but you’ll probably spend the majority of your time out in the city. Some of the cities world famous attractions are a quick walk or a quicker tram ride: the aquarium, museums, zoo, and some of the best cafes and shopping. 

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