Guess Where and Win $100

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Any idea what state this photo was taken in? Comment on this post with your guess and you could win $100! One lucky winner will be randomly selected from the correct answers. Next Monday we will announce the winner. Good luck!


Update: Congrats to Laura M. Her answer, “Maine” was randomly selected from the correct answers. Check out the Maine cottage rental the photo was taken from.

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64 Responses to Guess Where and Win $100

  1. Sherri Gorbey says:

    Was it taken in Virginia?

  2. Mona M says:

    It looks like Maine!

  3. Linda Owusu says:

    I honestly believe its Maine. I’ve seen a place that looks just like this one.

  4. Chris K says:

    Maine, I bet the weather is nicer there than here.

  5. Dena Smith says:

    i’am not sure but i would like to win some cash

  6. Adam Arvig says:


  7. Hani says:

    Hinkley Cove, North Pond, Maine

  8. Gisel says:

    I suppose its Maine. I’ve seen lakes in Maine that look very similar to this. Gosh I hope I win. I could really use the money.

  9. Sue Barney says:


  10. Ellie D says:


  11. ileana Elvir says:


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